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Trendy Fall Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are a great way to add some flare to your style or to give your hair a new style completely. The right accessory can really complete an outfit.

Here are some of our favorite accessories for autumn:

Decorative Pins

Your hair pins don’t have to be boring. Decorative bobby pins are becoming popular, and are an easy way to give your hair a little extra style. From small and retro-looking pins to large, ornate ones, decorative bobby pins are a big hit this season.

Wraps and Headbands

Wraps and headbands can serve two purposes. They can be a colorful and stylish accessory and they can keep you warm on brisk, fall days. Elastic headbands were seen at this year’s Marc Jacobs fall show and are a great, minimal addition to an outfit.


Feathers are really popular this Fall. Whether feathers are part of a headband or you attach them to your hair with a pin, they can add a great touch to your outfit. Feathers have become popular as a wedding accessory as well.

Floral Accessories

Floral accessories come in many varieties. Many of the hair accessories we’ve seen for the fall incorporate flowers in some way though. Whether it’s a large, ornate piece or a simple headband with floral accents, accessories with flowers are popular.

Want to know which type of accessory would work best with your Fall hairstyle? Ask your XEX stylist at your next appointment. They’ll be happy to provide some suggestions!

Credit: Fashionisers, Good Housekeeping


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