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make up

  • Senior Stylist / Lead Stylist
  • one hour lesson$71 / $81
  • This includes a comprehensive explanation of how make up is applied and how to tips. You will receive a make up application of your choice and all the instructions on how to apply it yourself.

  • applicationVideoVideo$61 / $71
  • Using Aveda products, foundation is applied, eyes are made up and defined brows, cheeks and lips are completed as well. 30 minutes.

  • eye makeup only$26 / $26
  • Using Aveda products, eye make up is custom designed to suit your personal taste.

  • air brush– / $106
  • Foundation is applied in a liquid form with an airbrush gun through compressed air resulting in a flawless finish that lasts up to 12 hours with no meltdown or creasing. Ideal for long events and bridal or just looking perfect. 45 minutes.

  • contour & under eye touch up w/ powder finish$26 / $31
  • Using Aveda products, facial features are enhanced & corrected, under eye is cleaned up and a light finishing powder is applied to absorb oils on the surface of skin. 20 minutes.

  • lashes$22 / $22

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