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New Year’s Resolution: Best Tressed

The New Year is rapidly approaching. Resolutions are starting to cross our minds (Experiment with new styles? Redecorate apartment? Eat healthier?). Let’s be honest, resolutions rarely stick past the first few days and we wind up beating ourselves up. But, what if you could make a statement and feel better about yourself for months in a mere 1-3 hours? A new, bold hair style can dramatically change your look as well as boost your confidence.

Here are my favorite trends for 2012:

Glam Color – Try an edgy, pastel color. Light pink or purple has been gracing the red carpet this year, I’m predicting it’ll cross to sidewalks in 2012.

A Textured Pixie – Short hair has been making a comeback. To really make it stand out, add texture with a long, side swept bang to add a touch of sexy.

Diva Curls – The motto for 2012 is “Volume, volume, volume!”. Make a statement with all-over soft curls to add dimension and definition.

Which are you willing to try? And don’t forget, stylists at XEX will make you look stunning with any of these looks!

Written by Angie Goeller

December 21, 2011 | Leave a Comment »

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