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More Manageable Hair with Undercuts

Short hairstyles continue to be popular. While bobs and pixies are great, classic looks, they can be challenging for women with thick or textured hair. If your hair is thick, textured, has strong cowlicks or uneven curl patterns, an undercut can solve the problem. With a well-placed undercut, anyone can enjoy a manageable, short style.

Undercuts can help in a variety of ways. For bob haircuts, removing excess bulk from the nape will help your shape turn under, keeping the surface sleek. If you have a cowlick in your bangs, an undercut can remove it. Removing baby hairs around the hairline will add softness to a fringe and will help edges lie flat as well.

Undercuts do not need to be dramatic. They don’t even need to be visible. Talk to your XEX stylist at your next appointment to see how we can incorporate an undercut into a short hairstyle for you.

March 20, 2014 | 6 Comments »

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6 Responses to “More Manageable Hair with Undercuts”

  1. Kelli Benson says:

    An undercut can remove a cowlick in your bangs.

  2. Kurt Hoffmann says:

    An undercut can remove a cowlick in bangs

  3. Dan says:

    An undercut

  4. Patricia says:

    An undercut can remove the cowlick in your bangs.

  5. Sue Michmerhuizen says:

    Undercut the cowlick!

  6. Linda Voss says:

    An undercut will remove a cowlick in your bangs.