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Growing Pains

At one point in our life, we all experience the grueling wait for our hair to grow. Whether it’s from a short pixie cut to long locks or recovery from the shortest bangs possible, we are subject to regret. This period of time can easily be frustrating and full of anxiety. However, we must keep our heads up and accept that with time, we will have the hair of our dreams (well, until next years ‘It’ look). Until this time comes, it is important to become aware and accept the awkward phases of growing your hair out.

The hottest, big-step trend of 2011 and 2012 has been short hair. Whether you tried the crop cut or pixie cut, are you beginning to miss length? Do not worry, you hair will grow out! We must warn you though, an awkward stage will occur (unless you’re a very luck lady and in that case, we are thoroughly jealous). The awkward stage typically occurs right before the hair passes your chin. Let us look at Michelle Williams. Williams was on the first celebrities to begin the pixie trend. After many years with a crop cut, she has grown it out to a breathtaking, flowing, long look today. And ladies, she is just like us! She went through an uncomfortable length stage (see right) and triumphed with her head held high!

With the right style and accessories, you will get past this phase as well! With ‘20s fashion and inspiration trending right now, it is the perfect time to make this phase stylish. Michelle Williams turned her frumpy cut into a flapper inspired style, and made us all forget her hair troubles!

Ladies, you will get through this. One of the simplest ways to divert this phase, is to see your favorite XEX stylist (credit larae). While they can’t make your hair magically grow (besides extensions of course!), they can cut your hair to look it’s best at every length.

Written by Angie Goeller

February 14, 2012 | Leave a Comment »
| Posted in: Beauty, Blog, Fashion, Hair, Inspiration

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