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Want to change your look?

Do you want to try a new hair style, but your hair doesn’t have the volume or body to pull it off? Hair extensions give you the ability to have any style, texture or color you want.

When you trust XEX’s hair extension specialists, you can be confident that you’re getting the highest quality extensions available. We’re thrilled to provide our clients with Fusion Hair Extensions, Micro Bead Hair Extensions, Tape-In Hair Extensions, and Clip-In Hair Extensions. We also provide hair extension removal.

When matching your natural hair to your new extensions, we select the appropriate 100% human hair color and blend it with your natural hair. The result is a seamless, beautiful color that doesn’t require extra coloring to look great.

Let XEX’s experienced team provide you with the perfect extensions for the look you desire. We use only the finest hair extensions products, including Donna Bella, Glamour Hair, Locks and Bonds, Hotheads, Great Lengths, and Toni Odisho.

Hair extensions provide many benefits, including:

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“My daughter was going to prom, and wanted to add hair to make her hair look fuller. I found XEX, and decided to give them a try. I was worried about pricing, because the salon is located downtown Chicago. I was pleasantly surprised, she was great! The process was so simple she matched my daughter’s hair to the extension and styled it after. She left the salon looking amazing. If you’re looking for a salon, XEX is the way to go!!!”

 -  Robin G.