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Brondes have more fun!

Bronde is the combination of blonde and brown. Its popularity is growing this summer because it is a nice, soft look that is suitable for all types of occasions. Bronde is created with a Sombré. A Sombré is a highlighting technique that blends shades of brown and soft blonde for a seamless look. The bronde look is a more modern, sexy version of the Ombré.

We’ve seen the bronde look lately on everyone from Julia Roberts to Jennifer Lopez to Jennifer Aniston to Fergie.

Bronde hair looks great with all types of skin tones. The look can be adjusted to suit anyone. From the beach to a dinner party, the subtle look provides you with many style options.

Interested in going bronde this summer? Book an appointment online or call us at 312-372-9211 to book an appointment at XEX today.

Credit: The Colorist.

June 18, 2014 | 11 Comments »

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